Intellects ERP

Innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process in which a company (usually a manufacturer) manages and integrates key components of its business. The ERP management information system covers areas such as planning, procurement, innovation, marketing, finance and staff.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Real time management of your store management system and making people more productive. Having a well-functioning marketing system (POS) can be very helpful in ensuring that all your operations are working properly. In this article, we are talking to two industry experts who will share tips on what to have at POS and how to choose the best option for your retail store or restaurant.

E-Commerce Development Solutions

Are you willing to promote your business in the visible market? No worries! Our state-of-the-art Commerce development solutions and solutions aim to strengthen Customer Relationships. We will assist you with re-opening your website, introducing new products, SEO strategies, and newsletters. With our E Commerce enhancement services and solutions, you will be able to increase your online income as we provide you with customized and up-to-date content and SEO as well as the latest data.

Home automation

All of our products have a simple setup and support, with a one-year warranty and a replacement warranty for all appliances and electronic devices.


Who-doc Health delivers, empowers, and empowers the comprehensive care services in all countries in the human health journey - from well-being to prevention to intensive care to complex health care needs. We use health and communication signals designed for you to drive better health outcomes across all ongoing care.


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