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Trends In IOT

Internet of Things, or IoT, is the name IT people have given to billions of physical devices worldwide connected to the Internet. These devices not only collect data, but also share it. With the proliferation of wireless networks and cheap processors, it is now possible to convert large quantities of material into an IoT device. These things can range from a smart thermostat in your home that you control with your smartphone, to a sophisticated car with a driver full of hundreds of sensors that collect and transmit data back to make sure it works properly. Devices are considered part of IoT by devices that we normally would not expect to be connected to the internet - unlike a PC, laptop, or smartphone. They are things that can communicate with a network on their own, without human action. IoT, along with artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technology, has been one of the most important technologies in the past few years. It has been developing at an astonishing rate since its inception, often changing direction and emerging in new and unexpected ways. In this article, we will focus on the current development in the world of IoT, a development that was talked about a few years ago but had no visible demonstrations yet of its effectiveness. Some of these things continue to change - things that experts expect to change soon but are in their early stages of development. As consumers, we are already using and benefiting from IoT. We can lock our doors remotely if we forget when we go to work and prepare our ovens when we return from work, all this while following our firmness in our Fitbits. However, businesses also have a lot to gain now and in the near future. IoT can allow better security, efficiency and decision-making in businesses as data is collected and analyzed. It can allow forecasting care, speed up medical care, improve customer service, and provide benefits we have never imagined. And we are in the early stages of this new technology trend: Predictions predict that by 2030 about 50 billion of these IoT devices will be used worldwide, creating a vast web of connected devices that integrates everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances. Global use of Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach $ 1.1 trillion by 2022. New technologies such as 5G are expected to drive market growth in the coming years. And if you wish to step into this state-of-the-art technology, you should learn about information security, AI basics and learning tools, communication, hardware interfacing, data analytics, automation, embedded programming, and you should have device and design knowledge. Written By: Tahir Ijaz

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Frame work Comparison
IONIC vs React Native

Traditionally, Android apps are made in Java, while iOS apps are labeled with Swift and Objective-C. However, there are many other tools that can be used instead. React Native and Ionic are popular examples of such tools. What is their purpose? What makes them different? Which of them is better? We will try to answer these questions in the article below. Cross development Usually you need to upgrade to the same system for both iOS and Android. Sometimes you also need to support other apps like Windows Phone, but here we will focus on iOS and Android only. One of the solutions would be to upgrade two completely different apps: one for Java for Android, and the other for Swift or Objective-C for iOS. This method has its advantages such as: • Official tools for this platform are used. They will certainly be supported as long as the operating system is constantly evolving. In addition, they discovered new features first. • Indigenous UX and UI. With the use of official tools, it is easy to conform to the human interface (HIG) guidelines. The end user gets a general experience of working with your app, and its look and feel are similar to other apps designed for this platform. However, this method has a big problem: you have to write the same pieces of code twice! If you look at different programming languages (Java and Swift), different ways of doing the same things on iOS and Android, different ways of building a GUI, it's hard to do anything to avoid typing the same code twice. The situation is worse when two different engineers make iOS and Android applications because two people may use the same feature differently. React Native and Ionic deal with this problem and provide powerful tools to achieve one goal: to use a single technology stack to improve both iOS and Android apps. The idea seems simple, but it brings out a lot of good things: • The developer does not need to learn a completely different technology. Of course, they still need to know the features of each platform and limitations, but there is no need to write in two different languages and design a GUI using different tools too! • Shared code base allows for maximum coding. Common code in both applications such as business logic, networking, etc. It can be broken down into its own modules, and you do not miss the opportunity to create a custom UI for each platform, or even create a UI with other platform-specific features added.

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Digital Marketing
What is SEO? Search Engine Usage Explained

What is SEO? Search Engine Usage Explained SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of expanding a website or web page to increase the quantity and quality of its traffic from the natural results of a search engine. The benefits are obvious: free, idle traffic to your website, month by month But how do you grow your SEO content, and what are the “size features” that matter? To answer that, we first need to understand how search engines work. How SEO works In simple terms, SEO works by showing search engines that your content is the best result for a nearby topic. This is because all search engines have the same goal: To show the best results, relevant to its users. Exactly how you do this depends on the search engine you are preparing. If you want more live traffic to your web pages, you will need to understand and look for the Google algorithm. If you want more video views, then it's all about the YouTube algorithm. Since each search engine has a different algorithm, it would not be possible to combine them all in this guide. So, going forward, we will focus on how we rank on the largest search engine: Google. How to use Google Google uses over 200 standard features. There was also talk of going back so much in 2010 that it could reach 10,000.No one knows what these things are, but we do know some of them. How so? Because Google has told us, and many people - including us - have learned the connection between the various features and the Google rankings. Google places web pages, not websites. Just because your business makes stained glass windows doesn't mean that every page on your site has to deal with the question, "stained-glass windows. “You can rate different keywords and titles with different pages. Now let's talk about some of the factors that affect search engine rankings and visibility. Mobile friendship 63% of Google searches are from mobile devices, and that number is growing every year. Given these statistics, it is perhaps not surprising that in 2016, Google announced the promotion of mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. Google has also switched to the first mobile index in 2018, which means they are now using the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. Final thoughts Knowing how search engines work and the features they are looking for when rating content is important when trying to create balanced content. That said, search engine algorithms change all the time and there is no guarantee that what is important today will still be important next year. Don't let that scare you. In most cases, the important things remain the same over time. Factors such as backlinks, "authority," and the same search intent have been critical for many years — and there is no indication that that will change any time soon. Want to learn more about SEO? Check out our SEO tutorial. Tahir Ijaz.

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Digital Marketing Services

Nowadays, customers have access to data and information any time, anywhere they want, thanks to the Internet. Customers are globally accessing the information they seek, through computers, mobiles, etc. If you are not known in the digital world today, then you must know that you aren't going to head towards progress and success anytime soon. Having the world strongly influenced by the digital factor, every business, and company, no matter small or big is working hard to create a place for itself online. Why Digital Marketing Is Important It is vital because your company or business can attract fresh and huge numbers of customers and build a long-lasting relationship through electronic channels. When somebody posts good and positive comments, feedback about your services, your company undoubtedly comes in the good books of everybody working in the same arena. In the nutshell, digital services can be a key player in leading your company towards immense success. Have doubts? Don't worry, just go through the below-mentioned ways digital marketing services can help grow your business in 2021: Achieve Your Targets: A good marketing services provider assures dedicated social media, web content, SEO, etc. to help your company target specific demographics, areas, and trends. Future Is Digital: You can't deny the fact that we live in a digital world, in which everything we do is either related to our phones or computers. This fact makes it quite evident that if we will market our products and services to our target audience using digital tools or channels, we have a higher and healthy chance of getting their attention and turning them into our loyal customers. Transform your leads Into Customers: Getting a lead isn't enough for growth in the highly competitive world we live in. innovage intellects digital marketing is not just about generating leads. You need to know the tactics to convert those leads into customers. With the proper digital marketing strategy, you can grow your clientele tremendously. Grow Your Brand Recognition: Do you really want to grow your company's brand recognition in the desired marketplace? Digital marketing is the key. An ace digital marketing services provider offers top-notch blogs and targeted web content, which can easily build up your credibility and present you as an expert in your niche. Track Results Easily: The best thing about digital marketing is that you can always know whether your efforts are bearing fruits or not. It lets you keep an eye on where all your leads are heading from, and calculate conversion rates. Thus, if digital marketing hasn't been a part of your growth plan so far, 2021 is the best and high time to start working on a strong digital strategy. If you have no idea about how digital marketing works, you must join hands with a leading digital marketing services provider like innovage intellects. A digital platform can grow your business tremendously. Author Bio: Innovage Intellects is an IT-based company in Lahore Pakistan. That has a team of about 30 that helps to provide product strategy, website, mobile app, IoT, digital marketing & ERP development services to various clients including startups & corporations Read More

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